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Welcome to

The Lake School
Oakland, CA

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Best of Oakland Preschool Finalist


2 year olds


2 Year Olds

3 year olds


3 Year Olds

4 year olds


4 Year Olds

Transitional Kindegarten


5 Year Olds

Transitional Kindegarten (TK)

Preschool children play


The Lake School, one of Oakland’s first play-based preschools, has proudly served as a community preschool for Lake District families since 1981. 


Our campus feels like an extension of home, with three separate classrooms nestled in a cozy 1906 Victorian home, with large outdoor play spaces and pets in every classroom as well as outdoors. Children feel safe and nurtured as if in a family;  parents find community in each other and support from our loving and professional staff. 

Each year, our program enrolls 13-18 students in each of our four age-defined classes. This allows for a developmentally appropriate curriculum for each age, yet the children get the benefits of mixed-age play during their outdoor time. 


Classes have two Teachers and an Aide attending to the children, allowing for plenty of attention and supervision with class ratios ranging from 1:4 in the younger classes to 1:6 in the TK. We are licensed to provide care for 46 two to six-year-old students on campus at a time.

We enroll once a year for the school year which runs from the day after Labor Day until the first week in June (minus fall, winter and spring breaks).  We offer an optional six-week summer session from mid-June to the end of July.  


Our approach encourages independence and individuality while placing a strong emphasis on social responsibility and values such as cooperation, teamwork, respect for others and care for the environment.

What Parents Think

“The teachers at The Lake School are simply AMAZING.  They are more than just teachers, they are my main source of parenting support to help us creating enriching environments both inside and outside of school"

Lisa's Mom

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