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5-day Mon-Fri  8:45 am-12:45 pm

The Lake School TK program is for children turning 5. It is for children who would like to spend the year before kindergarten developing their social-emotional skills, critical thinking, curiosity, and love for learning. This is a small intimate setting with great teachers, and our famous indoor/outdoor environment.


Our TK program is unique. It is the perfect balance of Play Based Learning and Project Based Learning.


Our TK'ers develop a true sense of self, an awareness of the environment around them and learn mindful thinking. They improve their social and emotional skills and develop curiosity. They will graduate ready to succeed in kindergarten and throughout life.  

The class has a team of 2 teachers.

The children are encouraged to ask questions, work on science experiments, and process art. They have field trips and class jobs.  

The TK program includes Lunch Bunch. Ending after lunchtime allows the children longer play periods and fewer transitions in their day.

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