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Extra Care


Early Care

Available to families with with work/school schedule conflicts during their regular class drop off times.

Lunch Bunch

Following core class time, Lunch Bunch is available for all classes.

Bring your own ready to eat, nut free, healthy lunch and enjoy it while spending time with friends.

After Care

Following Enrichment, students in Robin and Mallard classes are eligible for aftercare. Aftercare is a free play time in our backyard play area, so the fun can continue.



Following Lunch Bunch, students in the Robin and Mallard are eligible for an additional hour of our enrichment classes.  In past years, we have had classes such as Spanish, Phonics, Yoga and dance. There are opportunities for enrichment Monday through Thursday.

Enrichment programs are a great way to supplement your child’s learning while helping them gradually get ready for longer days in kindergarten.

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