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Teacher Lanie

A passionate animal advocate and volunteer with over 13 years of Lake School experience, Teacher Lanie brings her love for all living creatures into the classroom every day.

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Teacher Laurie

A re-use artist, knitter, and kombucha maker with over 14 years of early childhood experience, Teacher Laurie shares her passion for art and creation with her students whenever she gets a chance.


Teacher Kay

Since joining The Lake School in 1997, Teacher Kay has consistently brought passion and dedication with her each day. Teacher Kay is an artist and brings her talent into the classroom.

Teacher Steph

Loved by students and faculty alike, passionate about animals, and using her creativity outdoors, Teacher Steph has been declared "The Queen of the Yard" making sure all the animals are loved and cared for, and that the there is never a dull moment in the backyard.


Teacher Tisha

Tisha has worked with children for over 15 years. They have a BA in psychology with a focus on child development. They are trained in non-violent communication and are a practicing Buddhist. In addition to teaching children, their passions include human rights, racial equality, and gender awareness and inclusion. Tisha prefers they/them pronouns.

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Teacher Maritza

Maritza has been teaching preschool for close to 13 years, in both English and Spanish speaking schools. Maritza enjoys playing with the children and incorporating her Spanish tongue whenever the chance presents itself. 

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Head of School Maia Gallo

Maia has been teaching children from birth to high school for over 20 years. With a Masters degree in early childhood education, Maia is passionate about Play Based learning and making sure every child is seen as a unique individual.

Young Woman with Grey Sweater
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Staff Pictures taken by Katherine Emery

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