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You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers


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Do children have to be potty-trained to join Lake School?

Yes, we request that all children attending Lake School are potty trained.

However, children attending the youngest program, Hummingbird

should be at a minimum, marginally trained by the first day of school.

Children are assisted and encouraged to use the toilet.


Are you a Full-Time program?

Lake School is a Part-Time program, we believe in a gradual approach to schooling and so young children start at either 2 or 3 days a week for 3-4 hours a day, and as they grow older, the following year, we offer programs for them with more days and additional hours of Enrichment and aftercare. The longest a child can attend would be Mo-Thu from 8 am- 3:45 pm (added fees apply for extra care) and Friday, is always a half day as it is the day the staff meets for planning, training and reflection.


Is there a summer program at The Lake School?
Summer program – 6 week morning program with optional one-hour “lunch bunch”.

            How many children are onsite at one time? What is the teacher-student                                         Ratio?
                 No more than 46 children onsite at one time, divided into 3                                                        classrooms. Each class has 14-18 children.
                  Up to 2 classrooms may share our big backyard, giving the children a                                        chance to get to know the students from the different classes.
                  Our ratio for core time is 1:8, but often it is closer to 1:
6/5, since we have 2-3                            teachers in the classrooms. during extra care  programs, Ratio can go up to 1:10

Does The Lake School provide snacks?
The school provides healthy snacks, such as fruit, veggies, and crackers. We serve only water in school. Children staying for Lunch Bunch must bring a healthy lunch from home that is ready to be eaten.
We are a Nut Free school.

Is The Lake School a non-profit?
The Lake School is a private, non-profit preschool. It is governed by an executive board made up of parent volunteers and has a very active Parent Association in charge of social events and fundraising.

How much is school tuition?  
Visit our Costs page to view the current year's tuition. Tuition may change annually and will be posted in the spring.
Throughout the year,  all families will be asked to donate 
additional funds via fundraisers such as The Fall Fundraiser, teacher appreciation gifts, and scholarship fundraisers.  

This is the school's way to keep tuition rates affordable while maintaining the highest level of education quality.

How do I apply?
Visit our Admission page for more information. Families are invited to join our school tours and to observe in classrooms.



Can I tour the school?
Group tours typically are conducted in December-February. Please contact the school to find out about the specific dates. please visit the Admission page to see the dates.


Can my child join extra care?

















The Lake School is a licensed Preschool, by The State Of California. 

Integrated Pest management Plan 

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