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4-day PM 12:55 pm-3:45 pm


Ages: 4yr-5yr

This is our afternoon class for children that have already turned 4-5 in September. The Blue Jay is the perfect class for children turning 4yr in the summer who are planning to continue to Kindergarten the following year. and to children, 4yr-5yr that can benefit from an excellent play based class in a small group with a great teacher-student ratio. 

The Blue Jay can be taken as a stand-alone class or as an addition to a morning program at Lake School or other schools in the area. 


The Blue Jays is a magical class usually led by one or two teachers, This is an emergent play-based class in which children follow their passion for play, art, science, and creation. The typically smaller class size allows for small group activities and facilitates deeper group play and friendships. A typical week includes a cooking project, cooperative board games and both independent and collaborative art projects.  

The Blue Jays enjoy using all of the school's facilities and resources in quieter settings.  For many families, the opportunity to rise a little later and enjoy a peaceful morning before school supports the child's learning.

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